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sept 2009       BPN case in missouri

aug 2009       payoff receipt

Aug 2009       payoff of car loan

 May 5 09  Consumer affairs division click here

  1. May 8 09  Testimonials & Proof:

   Galen's proof  click here 

(1) March 11 Galen:



Did not realize you were so close to us. We live in Newton Kansas.
I'm sending over an indictment in PDF form, I have been under 3 years probation period since I got out of prison with 1 year and a month to go. I had terminated the  SSN, driver license, birth certificate, car tags, insurances of all kinds, job, everything that had to do with the strawman. I had a cease and desist order in October of last year and this order does not seem to be working these last 4 or 5 months, because the probation or federal court has challenged the order, and I was called into court by the judge via the probation officer in which I was called into court by the court appointed attorney, besides a letter I received from also calling me into court. Any day now  because I have not been doing Monthly reports, they will  be coming to arrest me and put be back into prison for 2 more years. So I need immediate help.
Okay, What will you need more than the indictment to stop this probation at once, what will it cost? Can I send this to you overnight where you sign for it? I tried to keep this short and to the point as I possible could.  May God Bless you.
 Thank you!!  galen and vickie -
Next e-mail:

Galen:March 25 13days later

  Hey, It worked!! I'm assuming because of sending the

CRIMINAL COMPLAINT this changed everything in the Federal Court.
Thanks Thanks galen -‏
(2) Militia:

Hello Denny,
It occured to me the other day that when the State of Missouri gave a
list of criteria of what kind of people are considered to be in a militia,
they were really referring to you and not Ron Paul. The criteria was very much
 like the criteria for blue collar workers (ie; rednecks) - I am imagining that
your claim to the insurance commissioner has raised a few eyebrows.
 God bless you Sir!! Thank you for paving the way.  
 I have taken the liberty of adding you and your family to my prayer list.