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 “Half a truth is often a great lie.”          Benjamin Franklin  
The pitch is at it again 5/10/10 clickhere

Melinda has questions for the Meda 

Kansas City's Pitch paper says             

Kansas City's Pitch not geting the feedback they expected!! 

The Kansas City's star says

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March 6, 2009
Denny Ray Hardin, “American Citizen”, “Private Bank”, “Agent”
2450 Elmwood
Kansas City, Mo.64127
To our media: News, commentary, investigative and serving the public?
Subject: Quality of Reporting the Truth.
            I have had the pleasure of reading a newspaper that printed the truth about what was going on. The newspaper was issued in the service of the people, it was honest and reported the news giving both sides of the issues for all to see. The public was well informed and drew their own conclusions based upon all the facts available. I looked forward to receiving my paper every morning to learn what was new in the world. I read it everyday, for five years and used it as a source of quality information of current topics that were discussed and debated throughout the day in every opportunity to engage in conversation. I am ashamed to say, this newspaper was not of “America”, it was published in a foreign country for the benefit of the people of the world who were among its readership. The readership of this Newspaper were of a city, that has an “Embassy” for every country of the world, where “English” was the common language. I was fortunate to be a “Native Speaker” for most it was a second language. All people were respected individually and all their opinions were given equal opportunity to be heard and determined correct or incorrect by their peers, “The People”. This newspaper has my respect, attention and gratitude for printing the “Truth”. Now let’s look at the American Version.
            To provide an example, on April 1, 1991, an illegal law enforcement agency, in ski masks, stole my girlfriend’s Corvette. Barbara Shelly did an interview, in which the ACLU and NAACP were appalled at the conduct of this “Task Force”. This article stated the facts and established the question is the conduct of the “Task Force” acceptable? The second article and every article that followed were written by Joe Lambe and were all aimed at establishing the “Task Force” as legal and Denny R. Hardin a criminal. Every article was filled with lies, deception and misrepresentation with malice, intent and knowledge in “Defamation of Character” to discredit all lawful conduct of Denny R. Hardin.  Who benefitted from the “Task Force”? the answer, “Attorneys”. Thousands of cases of wrongful prosecution by this corporate “Task Force” have benefited “Attorneys” greatly. Thousands of criminals have been created for the profit of “Attorneys”. I often wonder, what would have happened if Barbara Shelly would have stayed on the story and reported the truth as it happened. We will never know, she obviously gave up the story for her promotion to editor. The price of her integrity, morals, ethics and principles a few extra dollars on her pay check. I wonder if her conscious ever  bothers her.
            Since this story, Denny R. Hardin has filed cases to “ABOLISH JACKSON COUNTY, MISSOURI” a corporation illegally receiving public money, illegally exercising police powers and engaged in organized crime for the profit of attorneys. He has filed to “ABOLISH THE MISSOURI BAR ASSOCIATION” for conspiracy to deny due process of law, rights under the constitution and sought the removal of judges who are holding “Public Office” without the lawfully required “Oath of Office”. Today, he is taking on the “Comptroller of the Currency”, “Secretary of Commerce”, “Federal Trade Commission” and Emanuel Cleaver, for “Conspiracy against rights”. The “Criminal Complaint” has been received by the “Judge Advocate General”. Concurrently, a “Criminal Complaint” has been filed against three United States District Court Judges, the Director of the FBI and the United States Attorney General for “Misprision of Felonies” 18 USC 4. There have been 68 Banks, Mortgage Companies and Lending institutions named in a “Criminal Complaint” for “Interference with Commerce” 18 USC 1951, “Extortionate Credit Transactions”18 USC 891-894 and “Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241. Members of the press have all been informed of these stories and I have not seen one article about any of them, have you? Why Not? I believe because these “Organized Crimes” of “Attorneys” are “quashed” by “Attorneys” who advise our media what to report and what to ignore. Obviously “THE KANSAS CITY STAR” is a puppet of “attorneys” or at least that is what the facts, law and evidence say.
            Don’t get me wrong there are some good reporters out there. An example of one of these is “Genesis Bishop”, God bless her for her courage, integrity and honor. She came to “Lee’s Summit Municipal Court” to investigate complaints concerning the conduct of the “Lee’s Summit Codes Administration” for imposing fines and imprisonment for codes violations. This is prohibited by Article I, Section 31 of the “Constitution of Missouri”. She did an article stating the “Truth” and rumor has it, the owner of the “TRIBUNE” was threatened with loss of his “Business Licenses” if he didn’t fire her, by the “City Council”. When impeachment of the governor, attorney general and Missouri Supreme Court, for “Willful Neglect of Duty” was being sought in the “Missouri Senate”, Miss Bishop wanted to go to Jefferson City to cover the story and was denied the right to do her job of reporting the truth. She has not been contacted about the recent events because of the desire not to cause her any more grief, she has been chastised for her integrity and honor for her courage to tell the truth. I understand because I have lived it as well.
            These show us that if you are willing to sacrifice your morals, ethics and principles, you will be promoted in our media. If you present the position of “Attorneys” you are given your own assignment. Joe Lambe is the “Court Reporter” of the “KANSAS CITY STAR” and was informed of all the cases filed, he reported none of them. Barbara Shelly has been emailed many of the court documents and not once responded or published any story about them to my knowledge. There is an old saying, “You hitched your horse to the wrong wagon.” The Media of today has followed the advice of attorneys to the point “Attorneys” manipulate the “Public” by utilizing our “Public “Communication” to promote their interests and suppress their opposition. All attorneys, judges and public officials have been defeated by Denny R. Hardin.
Commercial Lien:
            Today I have a $200,500,000,000.00 USD “Lien” against the “STATE OF MISSOURI” for denial of due process of law in the Courts of Missouri. I have filed a “Criminal Complaint” with the “Missouri Insurance Commissioner” and had all judges, attorneys and public officials bonds removed from circulation and placed in “distress” for the crime of “Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241 under “Universal Postal Union” UPU Regulations. The “Regulator” of all contracts in the world, out of “Switzerland”. I have challenged all “Attorneys” as “Foreign Agents” loyal to the “British Atoned Registry” under 22 USC 611. By accepting the “Title of Nobility” of “Esquire” in violation of “Article I, Section 10 of the Constitution for the United States of America”, they have all lost the right to hold any office of trust or profit of the United States or within the United States. I have sought their removal from all public offices under the authority of the “Original 13th Amendment” (Ratified in 1819) and unlawfully removed by attorneys during the Lincoln Administration. According to the “AMERICAN STUDIES INSTITUTE” REPORT 6456 (1997) it was lawfully ratified and stands as law today. All that remains for me to prove my ability to defeat these “Foreign Agents” is to file a “Demand for Payment” to the “Secretary of the Treasury” of the “State of Missouri”. This 100 year lien would cause the “State of Missouri” to be “Bankrupt” and could not operate until the lien is paid in full or 100 years expires, which ever comes first. Do I need to do this to prove my power, as an “American Citizen”, to the media?
            Our “Public Communications” have the protection of the First Amendment right of “Freedom of Speech”. But today “Attorneys” have abused our society so much that most of us stand in “fear” of their unlawful conduct and conspiracy against us. All “BAR” membership are united to establish their ability to “terrorize” the people into submission to their uncontestable superiority. Their “Tyranny” has corrupted our Banks, Mortgage Companies, other financial institutions, they have taken control of our courts where “imposter judges”, BAR members, sit without “Oaths of Office”, without accountability and without regard for the morals, ethics and principles our nation was founded upon. “Attorneys” are diabolical individuals who would destroy anyone who gets in their way or challenges their unlawful conduct. “My Record” on “CaseNet” stands as evidence of this practice. To establish a “crime” an “injured party” must be present. Denny R. Hardin has injured no one or damaged any property. Without injury to person or damage to property no criminal intent can be established. I have clean hands, I have committed no crime.
            For the sake of “truth”, let’s assume for one moment that Denny R. Hardin is right and all the attorneys are wrong. All the documentation presented to government has been signed under the penalty of perjury, it has presented facts, law and evidence in a clear and understandable manner that can be understood by the average person. This documentation has presented the law and regulations that dictate public policy only to be refused by those responsible to follow it. Attorneys have advised banks to engage in “Interference with commerce” 18 USC 891-894, by refusing legal tender, to allow them to profit by unlawfully seizing property that they resell for 100% equity. The “Public Record” on “Foreclosures” clearly shows this “Organized Crime”. “Attorneys” acting on behalf of “Corporations”, “Banks” and other lending institutions commence and adjudicate cases with “Imaginary Plaintiffs” to protect criminals behind the scenes engaged in “Organized Crime”. Their goal is to disrupt our courts, cripple our economy so that they profit from their “Organized Crime”, they achieve this by threats, intimidation and coercion. As individuals we are all vulnerable to these unlawful actions. But there is a movement gaining strength in our nation to “defy the powers that be.”
I am an “Advocate” of those who are sick and tired of the unlawful conduct of our government and I have set to task the cooperative effort to clean up the corruption. “Imagine” what would happen if all the “Attorneys” were fired as “Foreign Agents” and our “Media” started telling the truth based upon the information collected from the people. I believe the corruption would stop overnight, because for it to succeed it must control without being seen, once seen in the light of truth it can not stand. That done in darkness will come to light. What if the media showed the truth from the view of the people, rather than the “Attorneys”, and stood on the integrity of the people. We all know right from wrong, our teachers, parents, churches and mentors have taught us well, but when these values are ignored in the interest of a select group, can we truly respect the source of information? Throughout our history our “Newspapers” have been a source of information that has “Sparked a Revolution”, “gave us courage in the face of war” and “led us to comfort in times of trials and tribulations”. I am ashamed of the quality of journalist in our newspapers today and sorry that so many have been deprived of the truth through their ignorance. We can only hope that someday they will find the courage to investigate the truth and tell it as it truly is and not how government wants it partied. In the “Native American Culture” the “Arrow” represents “Truth” it is straight, it does not bend or curve. Any alteration of “truth” is a “lie”. Our world is full of “Liars” who have the ear of the media, how about listening to the opposition for a change. This could change the state of our whole nation by establishing truth as the guiding principle.