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(30 days to act)

LAWFUL ACTION                                                             CRIMINAL CONDUCT ________________________________________________________________________

Convene Congress under        Emanuel Cleaver                 Willful Neglect of duty

Constitutional Authority        U.S. Rep. 5th District MO     Conspiracy against   

          rights to lawful  

          government 18 USC 241


Prosecute FBI for               United States District Court      Misprision of Felony

Bank Robbery                                                                          18 USC 4

18 USC 2113                                                                                               Treason 18 USC 2381         

Commerce Regulated         Secretary of Commerce              Law refused,

By law, law upheld                                                                         Insurrection 10 USC 333

                                                                                                            Interference with law

Bonds Negotiable              Comptroller of the Currency        Bonds Worthless

FRB in compliance            Federal Trade Commission         Embezzlement FRB or

with law                                                                                            Secretary of Treasury

Credit Accounts                  Banks, Mortgage Companies      Interference with             

Release Collateral              & Lending Institutions               Commerce, Conspiracy

Remove Obligation                                                                  against  rights, Seditious

Conspiracy, Conspiracy to monopolize Currency       





Prosecute criminal          Judge Advocate General’s Corp    Misprision of felony

Conduct above                                                                                  Misprision of Treason

Bring all government      President for the                              Treason 18 USC 2381

Under Constitutional      united States of America                 Willful Neglect of Duty

Authority                          “Commander in Chief”                 

Prosecute                                                                                    Crime to refuse

Violations of UCC            The Hague Convention                  Commercial matters               

 Regulations                                                                               Civil matters Damages

Re institute lawful            The American People                        Allow corruption to

Government,                                                                                    continue       

Demand Prosecution

Of all criminals

Exercise Constitutional

Authority Art. II Sec. 4





Note: If bond account is present this bank is off the hook.

          If bond account not present, embezzlement established by contracts.


Commercial Banks: Criminal Conduct (BPN= Bonded Promissory Note)

1.      Banks have received BPN and refused to process. Interference with commerce 18 USC 1951.

2.      Banks demand specific currency for payment of debt. Violation HJR 192.

3.      Banks refuse BPN as lawful currency. Violation 18 USC 8, 31 USC 5118.2.

4.      Banks dishonor bonds without lawful reason. Violation UCC3-503.

5.      Banks refuse to credit accounts with payment. Violation UCC3-603.

6.      Banks continue to collect payments on a debt paid in full. Violation 18 USC 891-894 as “Extortionate Credit Transactions”.

7.      Banks refuse the lawfully binding contract to accept payment for debt. Violation of right to contract 42 USC 1981.

8.      Banks violate the “Fair Debt Collection Act” 15 USC 1692a-m

9.      Banks have unlawfully seized the BPN in violation of the 4th Amendment.

10. Banks have taken BPN and refused to credit accounts. Bank Robbery 18 USC 2113.

11.  Banks have setup “fictitious Corporations” to lend money, charge interest and give credit for their profits. This conduct is prohibited, Banks have but one purpose to secure the deposits of their depositors. These funds may not lawfully be risked by any bank.

Note:  Bank Affiliated (Mortgage Companies & Lending Institutions) have all received BPN and refused to process them. Thus establishing the “Conspiracy” of this Industry to operate “Organized Crime”. Evidence of this crime has been established as a “Public Record” in the “Public Office” of “Representative for the 5th District of Missouri”. His failure to act will establish Jurisdiction for JAG.


“Notice of Criminal Complaint” sent by Certified Mail to all banks, mortgage companies and lending institutions on January 13, 2009. Allowing 30 days to correct criminal behavior. “Notice and Demand” attached allowing 30days to dishonor bonds by counter affidavit signed under penalty of perjury. Failure to do so establishes bonds are lawful and in “Honor”.




·        Served on all financial institutions refusing BPNs.

·        All have been given 30 days to;

1.     Endorse the BPN and process it in accordance with law.

2.     Credit accounts and release collateral.

3.     Remove the obligation.

·        Failure to meet these obligations will cause criminal complaints to be filed with JAG for prosecution in “Admiralty Jurisdiction”.

·        Any account not credited with payment within 30 days will constitute criminal conduct with malice, intent and knowledge of “Racketeering Activities” by the Executives of the Financial Institution.

·        The President, CEO, Chairman and Board of Directors are responsible for their “Company Policy” that violates Federal Law. They are given 30 days to bring their “Company Policy” into compliance with Law.



·        The “NOTICE AND DEMAND” is a complete breakdown of the actions taken to take control of “DENNY RAY HARDIN 497-68-6951”.  This also presents the steps taken to gain control of the “STRAW MAN” account.  Finally, it presents the steps taken to establish the “Private Bank of Denny R. Hardin”. This is presented as an “Affidavit” of “Proof of Claim” and can only be defeated by “Counter Affidavit” disproving every statement, signed under the penalty of perjury. To date Denny Ray Hardin remains in “Honor”.




The following “Public Offices” were served by Certified Mail, January 12, 2009, with “NOTICE AND DEMAND”:

“Secretary of  United States Department of Commerce”

“Chairman” of  “Federal Trade Commission”

“Director” of “Office of Comptroller of the Currency”

“United States Representative for the 5th District of Missouri”


Note: These “Public Offices” are responsible as follows:


·        “Secretary of  United States Department of Commerce”


Note: This “Public Office” is responsible for overseeing all government offices to

          assure they are in compliance with all law governing their conduct.


·        “Chairman” of  “Federal Trade Commission”


Note: This “Public Office” is responsible for enforcement of all securities in 

          accordance with United States Codes 15 USC 1692 l. of the “Fair Debt

          Collection Act”. Over 100 “Requests for Investigation” of “Interference

          with Commerce” 18 USC 1951 have been filed. To date no investigation has

          been done.


·        “Director” of “Office of Comptroller of the Currency”


Note: This “Public Office” is responsible for enforcement and compliance with all

          law by all National Banks. Numerous complaints of violations of law have

          been presented and by their letter this “Public Office” refused to enforce

          the law. Thus denying due process of law and equal protection of law.


·         “United States Representative for the 5th District of Missouri”


Note: As my “Representative”, Emanuel Cleaver has an “Oath of Office” to

          support the Constitution and laws made in support of it. I have created a

          “Public Record” of “Organized Crime” in this “Public Office” and

          established the responsibility of Emanuel Cleaver to take appropriate action

          to bring the foregoing into compliance with law.  Failure to do so will

          clearly constitute “Willful Neglect of Duty”.



Purpose of the “NOTICE AND DEMAND”


The purpose of this action is to force the foregoing “Public Offices” to perform in accordance with law. By the “Administrative Process” of “Notice and Demand” they are forced to “Honor” or “Dishonor” my “Bonded Promissory Notes”. Thus, forcing them to enforce my bonds by making financial institutions credit accounts and release collateral or allowing me to prosecute for embezzlement, seditious conspiracy, conspiracy to monopolize currency by foreign agents…etc. They must comply with the law or face the consequences of their criminal conduct.




Robert E. Larsen, Magistrate


·        Issued Search Warrant, without signed statement of “Probable Cause” and without “Complaint” signed under penalty of perjury. Established by FBI Agent Nathan VanSickle on November 4th 2008 when he could not produce these lawfully required documents while exercising the “Search Warrant”.


·         The Magistrate was “Noticed” by Certified Mail 7008 0150 0001 1392 4762 dated November 5th 2009, charging “Conspiracy Against Rights” 18 USC 241 by Hope Peterson (Missouri Department of Probation and Parole) and FBI Agent Nathan VanSickle. “Fraud” 18 USC 1001 was presented by Hope Peterson to the FBI in an effort to cause “injury” to Denny Ray Hardin. FBI Agent VanSickle claimed to be investigating complaints by numerous banks, without a signed complaint, in clear “Fraud”. This was stated by “Affidavit” under penalty of perjury and has not been rebutted.


·        Judicial Notice, Writ of Error, was filed on November 12th 2008, into Case No. 08-SW-00133-REL stating all facts related to the cause of action, Declaration of Proper Status, Offer of Remedies, Definitions Black’s Law and demanding the return of all property. This “Affidavit” was presented under the penalty of perjury. It is unrebutted to date.


Note:  The foregoing clearly shows a wrong has been done. The 4th Amendment protects

           all people’s right to be secure in their papers, homes and property against unlawful 

           search and seizure.  The duty of the Magistrate was to correct his wrong, to date he

           has remained silent and allowed my property to be stolen without lawful reason.

           Thus establishing the Magistrate’s participation in “Conspiracy Against Rights”.




Dean Whipple, District Judge


·        The “Conspiracy against rights” began in the “United States District Court” by Dean Whipple who was petitioned to release, Denny Ray Hardin, from unlawful restraint by the “STATE OF MISSOURI” that had unlawfully restrained him, without authority of law. The Judgment of the court, has been appealed to the Missouri Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court both failed to “Affirm” the “Judgment”.  On July 28th, 2008 Judicial Notice by “Affidavit” signed under the penalty of perjury, was presented in Case No. 07-754-CV-W.DW. The case went unanswered and was dismissed by Dean Whipple who refused to provide findings of facts and conclusions of law, required by 5 USC 557(c)(3).  Thus clearly establishing denial of due process of law, denial of relief benefit of court, conspiracy against rights and forced to remain in “Slavery” in opposition of all law requiring release.


·        There is a 100 Year “Lis Pendens Lien” in the amount of $200,500,000,000.00 filed in this cause of action and served on the proper authorities by certified mail who have failed to remove this lien against the “STATE OF MISSOURI”. Therefore, the debt is established and can be collected. This has been filed as a UCC3 Amendment File # 6546378 filed at the “Secretary of State’s Office” in Topeka, Kansas.


Fernando J. Gaitan, Chief Judge


·        Fernando J. Gaitan was served via “Bill of Lading” with a “Criminal Complaint” of “Bank Robbery” 18 USC 2113.  This was received by the “United States District Court” in “Admiralty Jurisdiction” on November 24, 2008. It was presented as an “Affidavit of Information” in support of a “Criminal Complaint” signed under the penalty of perjury.


·        To date no action has been taken to bring FBI Special Agent Nathan Holmes VanSickle before the court to answer for his crimes. Without trial, Nathan Holmes VanSickle has been found not guilty and allowed to continue his “Vendetta”. Nathan Holmes VanSickle has been talking to the principals claiming he is going to get me. Because this man is armed and considered dangerous, I believe this to be a threat against my life. This is clearly conspiracy against my right to give evidence of a crime 42 USC 1981 to allow a conspiracy against rights 18 USC 241 to continue without authority of law.


·        Fernando J. Gaitan has committed the crime of “Misprision of Felony” 18 USC 4 by refusing to prosecute a criminal complaint. The taking of bank records without a proper warrant is clear evidence of “Bank Robbery” 18 USC 2113.


Note: For the Record, Nathan Holmes VanSickle has started intimidation of the local principals to solicit their testimony against Denny Ray Hardin for paying their debts. His threats to get Denny Ray Hardin are public knowledge, so are his fraudulent claims my conduct is “Fraud” and by his total disrespect for the law, public interest  warrants this “Rogue Agent” be restrained. If the United States District Court” will not perform its duty, JAG will have jurisdiction under 28 USC 1333. Notice of this action has been given by Certified Mail to the following:


Fernando J Gaitan 7008 1830 0004 2111 0709

Robert E. Larsen   7008 1830 0004 2111 0723

Dean Whipple 7008 1830 0004 2111 0716

Director FBI Robert Swan Mueller, III 7008 1830 0004 2111 0730

US Attorney General, Micheal M. Muskasey 7008 1830 0004 2111 0747

Rep for 5th Dis. Of Mo. Emanuel Cleaver 7008 1830 0004 2111 1294


Note: In the Admiralty, clearly states the criminal conduct of the foregoing “Public Offices” and establish the need for intervention by the military to put down the “Insurrection”, “Seditious Conspiracy”, “Conspiracy against right”,,, etc. as clearly stated in the “Affidavit of Information”.


Current Situation:


3 Judges who refuse to enforce the law 18 USC 4

3 Judges now challenged as “Foreign Agents” 22 USC 611

3 “Foreign Agents” acting in conspiracy against rights 18 USC 241

3 “Foreign Agents” refusing to act within “Oath of Office” violation Article VI .

3 “Foreign Agents” obstructing the “Public Office” of “Judge”. “Obstruction of Justice”

3 “Foreign Agents” interfering with criminal prosecution, RICO Act

3 “Foreign Agents” remaining silent when duty requires action 18 USC 4


30 days to act in accordance with law or these criminals will be presented to JAG for accountability.


The “Judges” have refused to receive this “Notice” to date. When the thirty days are up it will be filed with the “Judge Advocate General of the United States Navy” in “Admiralty Jurisdiction”. I am not required to give notice, I have done so in an effort to correct this situation without controversy. However, if criminal prosecution is necessary to get our courts to comply with their law, then I say “God’s will, be done”.