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            Our Mission is to restore the “Constitutional Government” in every “State” of the “United States of America” and remove the corporations unlawfully exercising the power of government without authority or accountability. When every “American Citizen” knows they have their rights, privileges and immunities of the “Constitution for the united States of America” and these rights will be enforced by every judge in our land, only then will faith in our future be restored. When every judge is held accountable for any violation of our law and they all fear criminal prosecution, only then will we have liberty. When no attorney can enter any court without a physical human being as his client and no crime can be prosecuted without an “injured party” willing to sign a complaint under the penalty of perjury, only then will we have justice for the people. When every “American Citizen” knows their rights, privileges and immunities and can voice them in unison, only then will the people have standing. Only, when the majority of “American Citizens” can stand side by side with every other “American Citizen” with respect, dedication and determination to rise above the corruption, will we be the Americans Republic Party. We have been divided by the “Republicans” and “Democrats” who all claim to be for the people, then go behind close doors to conspire against us for their profit. It is time for all “American Citizens” to stand side by side to restore our “Republic” to its former greatness. This is our responsibility to all “American Citizens”and to all our future generations, we must insure government by the people, for the people will not vanish from this nation. We are the guardians, of our Republic,  each and every one of us share an interest in its preservation.





            Our Focus must be on our “United States Representatives” who must act within the boundaries of our Constitution and protect the interest of “American Citizens”.  This fight is currently being waged to stop the “Organized Crime” of Banks, Mortgage companies and other financial lending institutions who have a monopoly on our currency and are conspiring to bankrupt our nation for the profits they will gain through property, assets and interest, as our businesses fail, the financial industry profits.  Our assets are held in the Federal Reserve Banks and are controlled by “Foreign Agents” 22 USC 611 who are loyal to the British Corporation known as the “International Monetary Fund”, a “Foreign Principal”.  All members of the “BAR” (British Atoned Registry) are loyal to these “Foreign Principals” and can not challenge them in any court of America. All these “Foreign Agents” are prohibited by the “Original 13th Amendment” of the “Constitution of the United States of America” to hold any office of trust or profit within the United States Government or any state government. This was the last “Amendment” passed by the “Constitutional Congress” ratified in 1819 and served as law until the civil war. Lincoln, an attorney who took the “presidency” in violation of the Original 13th Amendment caused the south to secede from the union,  then disbanded our “Congress” and imposed “Marshall Law” that we have lived under ever since. Since the Lincoln Administration, all government, courts and public offices have been operated as “corporations” of “Organized Crime” for the profit of those who operate them.  I have petitioned the “Congress for the united States of America” to “convene” under their “Constitutional Authority” and restore “Constitutional Government” to the “American Citizens” and investigate, prosecute and punish those engaged in “Organized Crime”.  These “Foreign Agents” are the enemy and the focus of our efforts. Only when all “Public Offices” are held and operated by the Constitutionally required “Oath of Office” and no “Foreign Agent” remains in any of them, can we move our focus to other issues. For now our focus must be on all who are serving “Foreign Principals” at the expense of “American Citizens”.  If our “Congress” will not restore “Constitutional Government”, this could mean “Impeachment” for all our “Representatives” and “Senators”  who “willfully neglect their duty” to serve and protect the interests of “American Citizens”.




            The only way this fight can be fought is with the participation of all “American Citizens”.  United States Citizens” must live in slavery, prohibited by the current 13th Amendment, as those under the control of “Foreign States”. With the bankruptcy of all “STATE GOVERNMENTS” in 1933, our “States” became individual countries 28 USC 297, that have been overthrown by bankers, corporations, attorneys, judges and politicians fraudulent claiming authority to violate our State Constitutions and our rights, privileges and immunities secured to all of us within the “Constitution for the united States of America”. I have seen this corruption beat down “American Citizens” over and over by judges duty bound to rule in their favor. We have tried criminal prosecution of these judges and are laughed at by prosecutors for believing we have a right to challenge a “Public Servant”.  Any crime of a judge, lawyer, corporation or politician is ignored and all attempts to prosecute are in vain. Recently, we have discovered the “Admiralty Jurisdiction” of “JAG”, is to prosecute these criminals. All future “Criminal Complaints” will be filed with this “Military Authority” who has proper jurisdiction to hear all “Criminal Complaints” under “Marshal Law”. Since our government has refused to convene under their “Constitutional Authority” we will prosecute them under “Military Tribunal” acting in “Marshal Law”.



            I believe every single American is an executive of their own life. I believe to be an “American Citizen” one must stand for what they believe and challenge all “Public Servants” who violate our law. Given the complexity of our laws, this is not possible for all those who wish to stop the corruption and prosecute those who have violated them. I hope, you will let me serve as your “Advocate” and speak for you to establish justice. Today we are but a few of this “Cooperative Action”, but I have a dream, that someday just the mention of “ARP” will cause a judge to do his job properly because of his fear of criminal prosecution if he does not. This will take time and a lot of work by us all. When all people in America know what we stand for, our mission and dedicate themselves to helping, the chains of government will disappear.  The government will know they can not violate any “ARP” member without facing criminal prosecution and civil litigation for injuries they cause. “Accountability” will exist in all proceedings, for all actions that violate our law, rights, privileges and immunities. The “Constitution for the united States of America” will not ever be referred to again as, “that damn piece of paper”. Only when “Americans” refuse to support “Democrats” and “Republicans”, and establish a “Political Party” that acts in support of our “Constitution” and those grow in numbers superior to all other parties will our “Republic” be restored. Without our “Constitution” we have no representation in government, the sad part is today we do not. I want to change this.




            I have asked you to send me one dollar, maximum ten dollars, to establish an “Agency” between you and myself. This is a common law contract between you and me. As the “Principal” you are paying me to speak on your behalf as your “Agent” for the purpose of restoring “Constitutional Government” in our country and removing the criminal elements of the current administration. Your participation in this fight, is to keep your “Representatives” informed by sending them updates and make them aware their conduct is being monitored by those they represent, you. This requires our “Cooperative Action” with friends in all States and every district of that State. This will be a matter of printing off the “Updates” you receive, reading and understanding them, then mailing a copy by certified mail to your Representative. Some actions will pertain to the State level, others will apply at the Federal level.  The “Americans Republic Party” is a cooperative action of “American Citizens” who have decided to get involved in their government and stay involved to insure those who represent us are accountable for their conduct. We begin this action with a couple of hundred people, when we grow to a couple hundred million our voice will no longer be ignored, by those we pay to represent us.  I am an “American Citizen” who believes in the “Republic of America” who has the scars on his record to prove the battles I have fought in defense of this country against those domestic enemies bent upon her destruction. My friends and I stand together won’t you join us.